It has been said of this:
"Excellent video and audio quality on this one. It's a daytime gig, 
no stage set, no stage clothes as such, so they're less of the scary 
rock gods than they were back in the dark ages. But three thousand 
guitars, they still indeed seem to cry. You're ears will melt, and 
then your eyes."
Pity the aud sonud, although very good, is spoilt by audience chatter from time to time.
Blue Oyster Cult, Mountainside, NJ DVD 28/6/98 NTSC 
NTSC, 1 dvd, 4.02 gb 
<86 minutes> 
1. intro 
2. Burnin' For You 
3. Cities on Flame 
4. ETI 
5. Harvest Moon 
6. Buck's Boogie 
7. This Ain't the Summer of Love 
8. The Vigil 
9. Live For Me 
10. See You in Black 
11. Then Came the Last Day of May 
12. Godzilla 
13. (Don't Fear) The Reaper 
14. Slow Down 
Comments: Amazing two-cam shot (permission filmed!!) - one right 
next to the stage and the other straight on from behind the crowd. 
Professionally mixed and a super job of authoring as well. 
A Digital Reproductions DVD