Iggy Pop A Venue B, Brussels 2 December 1999


This Show is was produced by Karma Productions.  It is sometimes refered to as AB Venue and the title is a play on Iggy's Avenue B Album from which there is a good bunch of songs.  This version form Finnish TV broadcast but the show has now been officially been released as an accompanment to the Iggy Anthology double CD

From the Karma Productions promo:
"It's great Iggy Pop! The concert will certainly be listed among the artistís best performances.Iggy Pop better than ever, offers us an electric and intimate show. The public makes no mistake about it: invited on stage, singing, dancing, jumping, the communion is real. The band gives its best and camera brings you in the middle of the show of 90 minutes of happiness and emotion."


No shit

Nazi girlfriend


Raw power


Shakin'all over


Real wild child

I wanna be your dog

I felt the luxury


Lust for life

The passenger

Cold metal

Avenue B

TV eye

I got a right

No fun

Death trip


Louie louie